Document storage or how best to store documents.

Document storage or how best to store documents.

What is a cloud? The cloud applies to various areas of the IT industry. It is known to the general public for backing up and managing digital files and document storage. It is this functionality that we will discuss here.

We could imagine the cloud as a server or even a hard drive, to be even more schematic, remote, which saves your digital data (text documents, photos, PDFs, videos, etc.).

This server runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thus, it allows you to access all digital files on any medium (computer, smartphone, tablet) at any time and safely. Why use the cloud in my business? Below we list the main advantages of the cloud environment compared to conventional storage solutions (your computer’s hard drive or internal server): – No need to perform maintenance and no need to change equipment. Fixed costs and nothing more … – The ability to collaborate with several on one document or simply open it on several workstations. – Data integrity: no data loss in the event of a hardware failure (hard drive failure, etc.) – all data is usually copied to three different servers, the ability to recover deleted files or old versions. files, etc.

Data recovery in case of hacking transaction rooms. Your data is saved in case of equipment theft, fire, water damage, etc. – Personnel can access all company data – less exchange of documents by email is required. Each person’s internal communication and performance is improving. – Mobile applications are available that allow you to access your files from any medium. – Integration into third-party applications. For example: a photo gallery on your smartphone can automatically upload files to the cloud. Your photos taken on the site are directly transferred to people from the company. – Even without the Internet, you retain access to files stored on your computer / smartphone. You can always change them. They will be updated in the cloud as soon as you connect to the Internet.

Flexibility: the ability to add or remove users at any time, add or reduce the amount of storage according to your needs … with one click. – Much faster access to files than on the local server. No more slowdowns … – Backups are performed in real time and without any intervention on your part. – Elimination of energy costs associated with internal servers. – Installation and management of simplified access rights. What solutions exist on the market? There are many solutions available. Here we have a short list of solutions. They are the most famous on the market and, therefore, are more likely to be used by your staff (share photos from vacation, etc.) … which gives the advantage of simplifying the integration of the solution. in your company. The Confederation of Buildings does not agree with these decisions. They have not been tested by us to guarantee their quality. Find out about the services available and their quality.

For whom is document storage? As you can see, the cloud, therefore, is interesting for construction companies of all sizes: from independent to multinational and for all professions. Its ease of use, guarantee of data security, and sometimes transparency compared to the current functioning of your business (without the need for changes) are real advantages. Possessing its characteristics, the Cloud can be absolutely useful for a self-employed person: constant access to company data (even during an intervention) and lack of control over the data to be made.

This revolutionary solution remains primarily an excellent tool when it comes to working with several people on the same files and remote access to them. Therefore, it is also recommended for companies with staff. The cloud will allow you to contact your accounting department (a shared folder for sharing incoming and / or outgoing accounts), your subcontractors / partners (sharing documents, plans, etc.).

Your employees, grouped on several sites, and even with your employees on construction sites. How much will it cost me? The cost depends on the chosen solution and the required storage size. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the “Pricing” pages of various solutions to find out more. A good way to find out your needs in terms of storage capacity is to look at the size of the data that you currently store on your computers or on your internal server.